Defense Mechanics

Personal Security Training for Every Body

Numbers you need to know

1 in 5 women will be the victim of completed or attempted sexual assault or abuse during her lifetime. Read more...
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Our Classes

Our classes are designed to offer you the opportunity to learn, practice and integrate the system easily.

Each technique is broken down to its component elements and learned via repetition and combining the elements into the whole technique.

Each technique is practiced with a partner so everyone in a class gets a chance to understand and feel what it is like to use the technique in real time. Students switch partners often to get a feel for different body types and responses.

Our instructors always take the time to offer individual training and advice on any technique.

As each student becomes more practiced in the techniques they get a chance to feel what it is like to offer full power to an agressor.

Our instructor / aggressors wear special padded suits so that the students don't hurt them.





Defense Mechanics

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"In a stranger-rape situation, if he allows you to see his face, you get his name, or you can somehow otherwise identify your attacker, and he knows it, it’s all the more important to get away from him, even if he has a knife and you are risking injury. Because unless he’s quite inexperienced, he’s likely to kill you to leave no witnesses."

- John Douglas, legendary FBI profiler