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1 in 5 women will be the victim of completed or attempted sexual assault or abuse during her lifetime. Read more...

How to "Fail" an interview.

Predators will profile YOU. This is how they survive. They must know if you are safe to attack. This profiling is called the interview.

Attacking you is a calculated risk. The predator is asking the questions “can I get away with this? Is this person safe to attack? What is the danger to me?” Personal safety is important to the predator. This is one interview you must fail!

So what kinds of interview can you expect?

These are some of the interviews you may be confronted with. Some interviews may be combinations or variations of these. It is up to you to understand the dynamics of being interviewed and act accordingly.


Defense Mechanics

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"Murphy is everywhere. Even the predator understands Murphys Law number 2, "No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy".

It is your job to introduce Mr. Predator to Mr. Murphy "

- Joel Minton.
Defense Mechanics