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Numbers you need to know

1 in 5 women will be the victim of completed or attempted sexual assault or abuse during her lifetime. Read more...
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Our Rates

We understand that it can be difficult sometimes to shell out your hard earned money. We feel that our fees are very reasonable for the training you receive. That is why we encourage you call us at 860-318-6071 to discuss our fees. We adjust our rates on an individual and group basis.

You will not find the same training anywhere in our area. Defense Mechanics are the first group to offer this type of training to the women in the Northwest Corner of CT and the surrounding tri-state area.

Our experience and training method provide you with the exceptional training and information you need. We encourage you to attend our FREE Clinics before signing up for a module.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer scholarships provided by generous donors in the local business commnuity. These scholarships allow us to provide training to those who would not be able to afford our modest rates. If you feel that you need this service please contact us to discuss the scholarship program.

Please contact us for information regarding your needs.  We are happy to help.



Defense Mechanics

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"In a stranger-rape situation, if he allows you to see his face, you get his name, or you can somehow otherwise identify your attacker, and he knows it, it’s all the more important to get away from him, even if he has a knife and you are risking injury. Because unless he’s quite inexperienced, he’s likely to kill you to leave no witnesses."

- John Douglas, legendary FBI profiler