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Numbers you need to know

1 in 5 women will be the victim of completed or attempted sexual assault or abuse during her lifetime. Read more...
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Women's Self Defense Classes

Our Women's Self Defense Classes are just that. Classes designed SPECIFICALLY for WOMEN.

The truth is that women are different than men. It makes no sense to train women to fight an opponent like a man. Women stand the greatest chance of defeating or escaping from an attacker by utilizing THEIR strenghts and taking maximum advantage of the physiological differences between the sexes.

In our classes our instructors will help you understand and achieve this goal in a no pressure environment. 

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Defense Mechanics

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"In a stranger-rape situation, if he allows you to see his face, you get his name, or you can somehow otherwise identify your attacker, and he knows it, it’s all the more important to get away from him, even if he has a knife and you are risking injury. Because unless he’s quite inexperienced, he’s likely to kill you to leave no witnesses."

- John Douglas, legendary FBI profiler